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Waste of money. Dont buy!

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No Sound

I purchased the Fireman Sam App for my 3 yr old son. There was no sound, which makes it almost worthless for his age. He loves the sounds of sirens and trucks. There is an option for the sound to be on or off in the settings, but that did not fix the issue. The overall app is generic. I would not recommend this app for purchase, or even as a free download due to the issue with no sound.


I wanna be a fireman one day like you

Fireman Sam

Cute apps, but really, why no sound?

No sound?

My kid likes this game, but why is there no sound? This bug needs fixing.

No sound

This would have been a great app except there is absolutely NO sound. Please fix this as this is a waste of money!

Sound not working

Hello. I just downloaded the app and he sound is not working. I must not be the only one who has had this experience. Could you please fix this or advice how to fix? Otherwise the app looks good.

Fireman Sam is here to save the day!

My son love this show and the app is just great!


My kids, 3 and 5, LOVE this game. Theyre big fans of the cartoon as well, which helps since they recognize the voices and characters. This is easily one of my top apps.

Not Quite Right

This seems like it would be a great app but this version seems to have a few issues. First, the sound is not working. Second, in the "hide and seek" game there are items listed to find that are not in the picture. Has happened twice and my son gets understandably frustrated. If these issues were fixed I would give this app 4 stars. My son likes the other features.

A few glitches

My 3 yr old loved this game, but whenever he would open a few of the games, it would just kick him out of the game entirely.

Nul pas en français

Pas en français

Bug with guided access

Has a bug with guided access and will not always bring up the screen to enter the pass code. Other than that, love the app


This app really appeals to my three year old who loves fire engines. We started watching Fireman Sam on TV so of course my son wanted the app. Each of the activities is challenging in their own right. I only wish there was a way to silence the siren during the find the fire mini-game. Good value for the $$.


This is our 5 yr old grandsons favorite app. He enjoys the sticker album as much as the games. We love Fireman Sam!

Great app

My son loves fireman Sam cartoons from the original to the newest version. When we found this app, I have a hard time using the device its on now!! He loves this app as much as the shows. Good variety on teaching about coordination and other skills.

No sound.

Son loves the game but the sound is gone for me as well. Hope an update is coming soon.

Adorable game, but sound stopped working after a month

My son is obsessed with Fireman Sam, so he absolutely loves this game, even without the sound, which stopped working after a month or so. I hope they come out with an update that fixes this problem.

Lots of variety

Grandson, just turned four loves it. Little brother, two can enjoy parts of it too.

Perfect for my 2.5 yr old

Very basic. Only 4 games to choose from but my 2 year old ❤s this game!! Easy for him to understand! Perfect for the firefighter lover in your house!

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